Your goals in therapy

goals-in-therapyFinding a therapist with whom you can build a successful relationship is the biggest key to success. Together we set goals for your therapy, what you want to accomplish and what will work best in regard to your history, support system and living situation.
Every client relationship I have is unique and important to me, and together we design an approach that will work for you. In trauma resolution l offer a clear structure to support your growth and healing beyond old thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.
My wish for every client is to become more self-aware, self-accepting and self-loving during our relationship. With this humanistic approach, we will:

  • Expand your creativity and enhance self-awareness
  • Develop effective ways of interacting in the world
  • Develop and strengthen positive aspects of yourself as you move through depression
  • Build emotional strength and connect with your inner power to reduce anxiety
  • Heal wounds from the past and create new choices for the future
  • Learn healthy ways to express feelings and cope with life’s challenges