Karen Drucker, Psy.D., psychotherapy and counseling in Boulder, CO

“I am thrilled to be bringing my beloved teacher of embodied movement and somatic inquiry to Boulder! She is a true master of movement, depth and group process.”

Body as Living Presence: Moving with Life – A WEEKEND WORKSHOP WITH ZUZA AND SCOTT ENGLER


  • Karen-outsideTrauma
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship issues
  • Gay and lesbian issues

I have advanced training in specific approaches to treating trauma including EMDR, Brainspotting, Psychodrama and body-centered therapy.
Living and traveling abroad, I have experience with a variety of cultures and world views.
Humor, warmth and compassion are my main ingredients in successful counseling.

It’s important to find the right therapist for your needs, so I like to start with a short telephone interview, please call me at (303) 442-2561.

My approach includes experiential methods such as movement and body awareness, which help to access the emotional centers of the brain. Current research into the neurobiology of the brain shows that the emotional centers of the brain cannot be accessed by talk therapy alone.

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Top Psychologists in Boulder, CO 2015

A winner of the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Psychology – Boulder, CO
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