What is Psychodrama?

colorful clothes in basketDeveloped by Jacob L. Moreno, MD, psychodrama uses guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised in group or individual psychotherapy and counseling.  It is useful in helping the individual to express unexpressed feelings and to find and practice new ways to change unsatisfying situations in life. Psychodrama is used to explore through action the worlds in which we live, both internal and external. It allows for the safe expression of strong feelings, a wider perspective on individual and social problems and an opportunity to try out desired behaviors. For more information visit the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama at:

Psychodrama Training for professionals

Psychodrama Training is designed to augment and increase clinical skills and provide a theoretical understanding of the change process. Trainees are provided an opportunity to enhance their spontaneity, creativity and enthusiasm in their professional lives. The training group is a sanctuary where professionals can gather and connect to receive support, nourishment and inspiration. Training will be both didactic and experiential with time for personal exploration and skills development. The techniques learned in psychodrama can be used for groups, couples and individuals of all ages.  Psychodrama has applications in many fields including psychotherapy, substance abuse, education, coaching, law and business.
The training group meets once a month, September through May, on Friday afternoons.  It involves a minimum four-month commitment. New trainees can begin in September or January.
Email Karen if you are interested in psychodrama training.

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